Postal Uniforms for USPS Employees

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Instructions for Visitors
Who Are Not USPS Employees.

We cannot sell any of our USPS logo uniform items to anyone who is not a USPS employee. However, we are happy to sell our high quality shoes, socks, gloves and belts to persons not employed by the USPS.

How to Buy Shoes, Socks, Gloves and Belts

Use the menus at the top of our web pages to select a craft and then a category. Shoes, socks, gloves and belts can be found under the Letter Carrier craft. Select the quantity and size for the item you wish to purchase, then click the "Buy!" button. This will place the selected item in your cart. Please note that you may receive cart warning messages during this process. You may ignore these messages and continue shopping. When you are done shopping, click the "Checkout" button. It is very important to note that the checkout form will require your attention to certain details. Follow the important checkout instructions below:

  • Required Fields - All required fields must be completed.
  • Station Name and Address - Enter your delivery address.
  • Allowance Anniversary Date - Enter 00/00/00.
  • Craft - Select "Other". Enter "n/a" in the text box.
  • Uniform Allowance Card Information - Ignore this section.
  • Other Payment Information - Enter your credit card information.


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